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Aaron Walker

Videographer, Developer, IT Consultant, Adventurer.

About Me

I was introduced to Technology at a young age with Reader Rabbit and an old Sony camcorder. This led to dozens of short videos that my family and friends were kind enough to sit through as I learned more about proper editing techniques and camera framing. I started working as a Sound Engineer and setup and mixed live events and concerts in venues across Washington and South Africa.

Securing audio gear in South Africa

Securing audio gear in South Africa, 2004.

When I started attending North Kitsap High School, the Video Program had been discontinued. With the help of other determined students and teachers, we secured grants to pay for computers and camera equipment and continued the school's news TV show, named NKTV. Starting with a crew of 3 to 4 people, we gained enough support and viewership to start Videography class with over 120 students in class every day. We produced videos from all parts of the school and community including live sporting events such as Football and Basketball, NKTV weekly news broadcasts, Theatre Productions, commercials for local businesses, and cultural documentaries with Native American Tribes.

Embarking on my filming and research trip to Wyoming for The Laramie Project, 2007.

Embarking on my filming and research trip to Wyoming for The Laramie Project, 2007.

After graduating, I started a successful Videography and Apple Consulting business while assisting with the Videography class at North Kitsap. When I was offered the opportunity to work for Apple in Seattle as a Final Cut Pro instructor I knew it was a natural fit for me. I earned my Apple Hardware and Software Certifications for Mac, iOS, Final Cut Studio, and several others. I enjoyed the balance of training clients and businesses as a "Apple Creative" and repairing broken computers and relationships at the Genius Bar as an "Apple Genius". I worked on several NSO teams opening and re-building Apple Stores across the Northwest Market while training new employees.

Filming the action of the original iPad Launch

Filming the action of the original iPad Launch. Photo by Aaron Peabody.

I performed on-site Final Cut Studio training for many types of clients ranging from businesses such as KIRO TV/Radio, to another client worked as a film editor for Terminator 2 and Avatar. During some of my Community projects I have worked with many high-profile individuals such as Former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, Former Governors Gary Locke and Christine Gregoire, composer Phillip Glass, and prominent speakers such as Angela Davis, Winona La Duke, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Aaron editing footage in Final Cut Pro

Editing footage in Final Cut Pro. Photo by Matthew Arnold.

As I transitioned to more IT and technical work during my employment with Microsoft, I gained valuable skills troubleshooting and configuring products like Windows Client and Server OSs, Office, Configuration Manager, SQL Server, Hyper-V, and PowerShell. This sparked my interest in Software and Web Development and I began programming applications in C# and XAML, and websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Standing next to Master Chief at the Halo Xbox launch

Standing next to Master Chief at the Halo Xbox launch.

I have been working with Technology and Videography for over 20 years and I am humbled by the opportunities it has presented me, and places it has taken me. I have been fortunate enough to learn from many great people along the way; I certainly could not have done it without their help.

Turning the tables on Vader at the Star Wars Kinect Launch

Turning the tables on Vader at the Star Wars Kinect Launch.

With my skills and background covering such a wide array of topics, I can be a great resource for IT Consulting, Video Production Projects, as well as Website and Application Development. Feel free to contact me to inquire about my services, availability, and pricing. Many of my tools are available for free by request, please contact me for a download link.

Email info@aaronwa.com for more information.