Getting Started with Project Life Raft

Answer Desk Life Raft

Launch Life Raft directly with the button below. Step-by-step instructions are availible on this page with screenshots. Requires Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge Browser. Video Tutorial coming soon!

Launch Microsoft Edge

Launch Life Raft


Getting Started with Life Raft

    Launch Microsoft Edge
  1. Open Microsoft Edge from the Start Menu.
  2. Life Raft URL
  3. Type into the address bar or you can Pin to Start and Favorites for easy access.
  4. Zoom Out to Comfortable View
  5. Click Settings, and adjust zoom level so you can see comfortably on your device. 125% zoom is a good size for the Surface 3 on a 10" Screen.
  6. Create Web Note
  7. Click the Pen Symbol that says "Create a New Web Note" in the top-right corner.
  8. Create Typed Note
  9. Click the symbol that looks like a comment box called "Create Typed Note" in the top-left. You are now ready to start checking customers in.
  10. Add 1st Customer
  11. Click on a location on the floor map to create a new marker for each new customer. After clicking once, Type the customer name, appointment time, and brief description. You can click on the Note symbol to collapse and expand the comments box as needed.
  12. Store Overview
  13. When the customer is ready to be seen by a Service Advisor, you can tap and hold on the numbered note symbol, and then drag the symbol to the area on the map the customer is moving to.
  14. 1st Customer is sean by Service Advisor

    The numbered Note Symbol moves to the new location.

    Customer Done
  15. Once the customer is done, you can tap the Comment symbol and click on the Trash icon to delete the record.
  16. Customer Deleted After
  17. The number and order of customers automatically updates to show who is next in queue and how many are still waiting.
  18. Save To OneNote
  19. If you want to save the state of the screen, you can click the Floppy Disk symbol for "Save" in the top right corner, and save to OneNote for easy viewing.
  20. Save To OneNote Confirmation
  21. A confirmation message appears and you can click "View Note" to switch to the OneNote app for review.
  22. Save To OneNote Confirmation
  23. If you need to clear the screen, click the "Exit" button. To close to program completely, click the Red X.